Spring 2011

cover - spring 2011Spring 2011

With only one edition under our belts, Tangerine Moon fell into some setbacks in creating the Spring 2011 edition. Everything had to change if we wanted to sell this one to the public. We could no longer use any clip art from the internet. We had to make all of our art by hand and photoshop in stronger colors. The Spring 2011 edition was dedicated to trying new things with the things we had to work with.

Table of Contents:

  • “Spring” — a poem by Athena Greenleaf
  • “Spring Means Baby Animals– Are You Prepared?” — an article by Kelly McCandless
  • “Citric Acid Designs” — fashion designs by Gina Condotti
  • “Table Manners: Are You Mindful?” — a quiz by Maggie O’Hara
  • ” Visions of Spring” — artwork by Kelly McCandless and Athena Greenleaf
  • “Spring Stir Fry” — a recipe by Kelly McCandless
  • “Dear Alice” — an advice column by Sophie McCallum-Spalaris
  • “What Kind of Candy Are You?” — a quiz by Kelly McCandless
  • Fun Facts List by Morgan Eidam
  • “Absolutely Perfect” — a story by Maggie O’Hara
  • “The Bike Church” — an article by Sophie McCallum-Spalaris
  • “Wild Flowers” — a fashion shoot by Sophie McCallum-Spalaris
  • “A Different Kind of Farm” — an article by Kelly McCandless
  • Book Recommendations by the TM Staff
  • “Which Book Genre Are You?” — a quiz by Gina Condotti
  • Your Tangerine Moon Horoscope by Maggie O’Hara
  • Tangerine Moon Poetry by the TM Staff

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