Spring 2012

cover - spring 2012Spring 2012

Our seasonal themes continued in this edition. We dedicated this issue to rebirth and new life. We included articles and memoirs about our favorite spring activities, such as visiting Wilder Ranch, beaches in Santa Cruz and First Friday Art Shows. We tried new types of poetry, like collage poems (in which you cut out words from magazines and make them into poetry). We also began using a new type of story writing, in which we each added on to the story through email. Here’s what we created for our Spring 2012 edition:

Table of Contents:

  • “Spring” — a poem by Athena Greenleaf
  • “Take a Walk on the Wilder Side” — an article by Maggie O’Hara
  • “The Tree” — a poem by JuJu Eulensen-Wallace
  • “Citric Acid Designs” — fashion designs by Gina Condotti
  • “First Friday!” — an article by Athena Greenleaf
  • “Visions of Spring” — artwork by Athena Greenleaf
  • “Spring Checklist” — an article by the TM Staff
  • “Collage Poems” — poetry by Gina Condotti and Morgan Eidam
  • “Are You Too Hard On Yourself?” — a quiz by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Waterfall” — a poem by Athena Greenleaf
  • “The Perfect Wave” — a story by Kelly McCandless
  • “Pressed Flower Cards” — a craft by Maggie O’Hara
  • Book Review by Eliot Lee (Guest Writer)
  • “Dear Sophie” — an advice column by¬†Sophie McCallum-Spalaris and Maggie O’Hara
  • “Lovely Little Things” — a fashion shoot by¬†Sophie McCallum-Spalaris
  • “Sincerely, Olivia” — a story by the TM Staff
  • Book Reviews by Talia White (Guest Writer)
  • “Delicious Chocolate Cookies” — a recipe by Gina Condotti
  • “Spring Refreshers” — recipes by Kelly McCandless
  • “Magic” — a story by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Linus’s World” — comics by Linus Johannesson (Guest Writer/Artist)
  • “Tissue Paper Flowers” — a craft by Morgan Eidam
  • Your Tangerine Moon Horoscope by Maggie O’Hara

Click here to view a few sample pages from the Spring 2012 edition.