Spring 2014

MiniSpring2014TMSpring 2014

Spring is a time for rebirth and new life, but also for reflection on our past. This edition focuses on our own lives, reminding us of our heritage and history. We often look more towards the future, forgetting things that happened long ago. This issue includes a variety of historical stories and articles that remind us of our roots and experiences, both in good times and bad. As a magazine, we change all the time, through our readership and our interests, but we will always remember where we started, and how far we’ve come.

Table of Contents:

  • “Imagine” — a poem by Gina Condotti
  • Letter from the Writers by the TM Staff
  • “Lazy Days” — an article by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Training for the World” — a story written by Ruby Souza-Young (Guest Writer) and illustrated by Noah Fortino-Young (Guest Illustrator)
  • “Eat Around the World!” — recipes by the TM Staff
  • “Puppy Love” — an article by Gina Condotti
  • “Dear Maggie” — an advice column by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Fire and Ice Part 3” — a story by the TM Staff
  • “Pretty Planter” — a craft by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Spa Spectacular” — an article by the TM Staff
  • “Elements Quiz” — a quiz by Athena Greenleaf
  • “Mini Succulent Garden” — a craft by Gina Condotti
  • “Palm Reading” — an article by Morgan Eidam
  • “Hair Bow Craft” — a craft by Athena Greenleaf
  • “The Master of Mystery” — an article by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Which Time Period Are You?” — a quiz by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Make Your Own: Memory Book” — a craft by Maggie O’Hara
  • “The Phantom Squid” — a story by Morgan Eidam
  • Poetry Page by the TM Staff

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