Winter 2011

cover - winter 2011Winter 2011

This issue was never distributed to the public. It was solely meant for the writers in the Tangerine Moon Writers workshop and their families. There was also never meant to be a second edition. This was a one-time-thing, and after we finished this edition, we were planning to move on to other things. But when it came time to create a second edition, we decided that it might be a better idea to continue with Tangerine Moon. Here’s what we came up with for our very first edition:

Table of Contents:

  • “Winter Wonderland” — a poem by Athena Greenleaf
  • “Are White Lies Ok?” — an article by Sophie McCallum-Spalaris and Kelly McCandless
  • “Citric Acid Designs” — fashion designs by Gina Condotti
  • “Citrus Street Smarts” — a quiz by Maggie O’Hara
  • “The Tea Tree” — a story by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Origami Ornament” — a craft by Gina Condotti
  • “Dear Alice” — an advice column by Sophie McCallum-Spalaris
  • “Winter Recipes” — recipes by Kelly McCandless and Maggie O’Hara
  •  Your Tangerine Moon Horoscopes by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Hot Cocoa Gift” — a craft by Gina Condotti
  • “Do You Overreact?” — a quiz by Kelly McCandless
  • “The Lost Hero” — a book review by Morgan Eidam
  • “Winter Floem” — poetry by Kelly McCandless
  • “When You Reach Me” — a book review by Gina Condotti