Winter 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.45.50 AMWinter 2014

Every year in late November, the TM Staff gets into a wintertime funk. You know what we mean, the clouds get darker, school drags along, and everyone seems to be asleep. But we can’t let this keep us down! This winter edition was filled with fun activities that you can do despite dreary weather. This edition is also filled with thrilling stories, perfect to read snuggled up with some cocoa. This magazine will definitely keep away the funk!

Table of Contents:

  • “Fresh Apple Pie” — a poem by Athena Greenleaf and Gina Condotti
  • Letter from the Writers by the TM Staff
  • “Winter Craft Fair” — an article by Athena Greenleaf
  • “Indoor Activities” — an article by the TM Staff
  • “Fire and Ice” — a story by the TM Staff
  • “Random Facts Quiz” — a quiz by Morgan Eidam
  • “The Goddess” — a poem by Anonymous Guest Writer
  • “Dear Maggie” — an advice column by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Winter Adventures” — an article by Gina Condotti
  • “Bead Flower Hair Clip” — a craft by Gina Condotti
  • “Easy Cheesy Enchiladas” — a recipe by Morgan Eidam
  • “The Race” — a story by Athena Greenleaf
  • “Something Sweet” — crafts by Maggie O’Hara
  • “No Gluten or Dairy?” — article and recipe by Gina Condotti
  • “Which City Are You?” — a quiz by Maggie O’Hara
  • “Photo Booth Fun” — a craft by Morgan Eidam
  • “Before Wonderland” — a story by Maggie O’Hara
  • Poetry page by the TM Staff and Lily Sonnenblick (Guest Writer)

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